animals in science policy institute -
explainer video

“Non-animal alternatives to class room dissection.”


The Animals in Science Policy Institute is a non-profit organization that seeks to educate teachers and organizations about non-harmful alternatives to animal testing and classroom dissections. This video focuses on the class room, and serves as an introduction to some of the ways in which they are reducing animal cruelty and waste in classroom settings. I collaborated with the AiSPi crew to help them refine their script and message, plan the shoot, and bring together all the elements into a cohesive package. Lillie Rebecca, a composer from New York, provided the original score, and Cynthia Lung provided infographic illustrations, which I animated. The client was very happy with the finished product, and it was used to spearhead their campaign into school districts and classrooms all around British Columbia!


Animals in Science Policy Institute


Filmed and Edited by

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale


Animation by

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale


Infographic Illustration by

Cynthia Lung


Original Score by

Lillie Rebecca


Release Date


"This was our first charity video and Andrew was such a pleasure to work with. He helped with an equipment list ahead of time and he helped review through the shoot schedule we’d planned so that we were all as prepped as possible before the shoot day. On the day itself he was instrumental in keeping everything on time, and we actually ended up finishing slightly ahead of schedule. For the live interviews, he helped people feel at ease in front of the camera, and he has a special knack for knowing when someone has just given the perfect soundbite for the final edit! Post-production was also a breeze. Andrew was quick to respond to suggested edits, and the file sharing was really easy. He seamlessly bought together the video footage, additional animated screen text, our original music score, and a remotely recorded voice over. My Board members and donors loved the final product, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’d highly recommend booking Andrew for any video or photography needs."
Elisabeth Ormandy
Executive Director - Animals in Science Policy Institute