interaction machine

“The story of humanity. The story of a cycle. The story of exploration, ambition, greed and awakening. Artists of different specialties come together to create, collaborate and journey to a place where imagery connects, to weave a story with no words. From the rainforest of the West Coast to the rugged alleys of East Vancouver, the character takes you on a journey where the line between beginning and end disappear. The pursuit of a moment takes precedence. The Interaction Machine was a personal project developed for the purpose of using a movement narrative to tell a story of the human condition. It creates an ambience of magic with it’s artistic style, symbolism and the natural backdrops, to remind us of the mystery of our purpose on Earth. “


  A collaboration between myself, Vancouver-based actor and breakdancer Kyle Strauts, bodypainter Kristin Grant, and music producer Jamie Watts. We filmed during the summer of 2012, and it was finally released in early 2016, after several years were spent looking for the perfect soundtrack.  Much of the film was completely improvised, with a loose outline of how each scene was supposed to feel and play out. It was such an honor to work with such creative power houses! 

Original Concept by

Kyle “TooTall” Strauts



Kyle “TooTall” Strauts


Filmed and Edited by

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale


Additional Filming by

Nathan Sorochan

Louis Bockner


Bodypainting by

Kristin “Urbanheart” Grant


Original Music by



Release Date