smoke sign - "Reincarnate"
album release trailer

“Centuries ago…”


Zenon Records recording artist Kris Mosher, AKA Smoke Sign, approached Brook Paulin and myself about making this animated trailer for his debut album, after seeing some of the work motion graphic Brook and I had done for some event promo that we created in Victoria. 


Brook created a ‘storyboard’ design that mirrored the opening lines of the album’s first track, and I used camera effects and additional graphical elements to highlight the various ‘plot points’ and guide the viewers eye through the piece. It ends with a reveal of Clint Grierson’s excellent album art, and information on when and where listeners can acquire the album!


Kris and the record label were very happy with the finished product, and it got a lot of attention and views when it was released.


Kris Mosher

Smoke Sign


Animation by

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale


Graphic Design by

Brook Paulin

Clint Grierson


Release Date


Promotional Photoshoot w/ Urbanheart