stream of consciousness -
promotional video

“Amplifying the Emerging Wisdom of the World


We are a livestream broadcast company.


We empower access, participation & social evolution by globally sharing the conversations that make a difference.”


This video was produced to highlight the Victoria based livestreaming company, Stream of Consciousness. It originally served as the video for the crowdfunding campaign – A campaign which went on to earn over $50,000, and broke the record for funds raised by a crowdfunding campaign on Vancouver Island at the time.  

Motion graphics were used to create momentum throughout the video, with the “stream” leading us through each different scene, and Toby Emerson’s music serves to create an upbeat, modern, and hopeful energy. 


Stream of Consciousness


Additional Graphic Design by

Brook Paulin

Nathan Sorochan


Original Music by

Toby Emerson


Release Date


" ...he is fantastically talented. From early on in his photo & video career it was so obvious he was gifted an amazing eye for detail, framing, flow.. I find it rare to be able to consistently translate the energy of a moment - into a photo or video piece. Here, Andrew thrives.  Second, he is absolutely committed to his community and this shows up in so many ways, including his generosity, patience & dedication to progressive multimedia projects. For these reasons and others, he has my highest recommendation for your business - and I'm certain you'll end up a fan & customer, as have I."